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Buying Expensive Kitchen Equipment and Supplies at a Discount

in the kitchenMany people have the desire to have a kitchen outfitted with top of the line cooking equipment, whether they use it regularly or not. Having top of the line equipment for your kitchen is partly about being practical and partly about impressing others, but the reality is that many of the top of the line kitchen equipment is better quality than the standard kitchen equipment and can help you to cook better meals. Having said that, you may not want to break the bank with expensive equipment and this article will provide some advice for saving money when buying kitchen equipment for your home.

The first step is identifying what is important to you as a chef and what items are of primarily importance. For some people, finding the right set of knives makes all the difference, while for others high quality pots and pans make more sense. See what is most important to you and choose that piece of equipment first and buy restaurant supply online.

Next, consider buying kitchen supplies and equipment in sets initially, and supplement them with individual pieces. As an example, pot sets are significantly cheaper than individual pieces, though many sets contain items that you may not necessarily want. The same is true of knife sets, regardless of the manufacturer. Try selling those unwanted pieces for more desirable alternatives. Any high quality unused piece will likely provide you with some return that you can use to purchase desirable items, and you will likely come out ahead in the process.

Try visiting discount outlet stores as a way of picking up cheap cooking sets. Outlet malls are a great resource and selecting pots or pans or other kitchen equipment that have minor scratches can be a real find. In addition, try adding coupons to the purchase of these kitchen supplies and combine it with credit card rewards so your discounts multiply. I once purchased an All Clad pan set at a Williams Sonoma outlet store on sale for 30% off. While still pricy, using a 10% off coupon and a 2% rewards credit card further lowered the purchase price and let me buy at a cheaper price than I could have imagined.

Finally, visit the manufacturers websites to see if they have any direct sales. By cutting out the retailers you may be able to save significantly on the price of kitchen equipment and be alerted of open box or discounted deals that are available at significant discounts. By doing so you can obtain hard to reach pieces at sharp sales and allow your kitchen equipment and supplies collection to grow into a luxury set, without having had paid a luxury price for the honor.